Five Important Things To Ask Your Future Lawyer | Slevin & Slevin, Esqs.

Five Important Things To Ask Your Future Lawyer | Slevin & Slevin, Esqs.

Most lawyers and law firms provide free consultations. It’s important to keep in mind that you can and should shop around for this service like you would any other. The details can all be fleshed out once you choose an attorney, however, there are some basic questions and thoughts you should keep in mind while you’re shopping. You can learn a lot about the law firm, the lawyer, and what you’re looking for in regard to both if you keep the following things in mind. 

How experienced is your attorney?

If you’re unsure of the experience of your lawyer, ask them! How long have they been practicing? Do they practice in several fields of law or only a few? Do they practice the area of law you are looking for assistance with?

What does your lawyer charge?

What does the lawyer charge? How do they bill? Will a large portion of the work be done by someone without a legal degree (i.e., a paralegal or secretary)? Do they reduce the cost for work done by a paralegal as opposed to a licensed attorney?

What type of clients do they have?

Does the lawyer primarily deal with individuals or corporations? High-net worth individuals? College students incurring massive debts? Make sure that your attorney is familiar with the particular needs of you and your situation. It would be inadvisable to use a lawyer who only does personal injury litigation to represent you through your divorce.

Does your attorney have any special skills?

Does the lawyer have any special experience or knowledge that would assist in your situation? Some areas of law require special training – like patent or intellectual property law. Was the lawyer a CEO of a major intellectual company before going to law school? That would be cool.

What is the lawyer’s approach to issues like the one you have?

Are they the type to plan for the worst but hope for the best? Do they like to keep an arm’s length between them and their clients or do they call the client over every little thing? Depending on your personality and the specifics of your case, one may be preferable over the other. 

Finally, and not least importantly, remember that lawyers are people too. They have personalities and quirks like any other person. You’re about to embark on some sort of legal journey or battle and it’s important that you get along with your lawyer.

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